Analisa Pelayanan Pangkalan LPG Terhadap Konsumen PT. Cahaya Tujuh Bintang


  • Fery Soetanto
  • Indrawaty Ishak Universitas Parna Raya
  • Novaty Manikome


Satisfaction, customer, service, LPG


Customer satisfaction is important for companies, because customer satisfaction describes the company's ability to meet consumer expectations. So is the case with PT. Cahaya Tujuh Bintang as a provider of LPG gas, measuring consumer satisfaction is very important to determine the level of customer satisfaction and to improve services in order to meet consumer expectations.

The LPG gas base is the spearhead of the distribution of gas cylinders to the community so that the base officer will interact directly with consumers. The service provided by the base officer will have a direct impact on consumers, starting from the equipment, attitude and language.

Measurement of customer satisfaction at the LPG gas base will provide good feedback for the company in maintaining consumer confidence in the quality of the company. Measurement of customer satisfaction is done by questionnaires to 85 respondents for service performance. Measurement of consumer satisfaction is carried out at gas bases, because they are the front liners in the front row who interact directly with consumers. The level of customer satisfaction is largely determined by the performance of officers at the base.

Of the 85 respondents around 62% of respondents were very satisfied with the services provided by the base so they decided to return to exchange gas cylinders at the base of PT. Seven Stars Light. In addition to looking at the attitude and way of interacting with officers, consumer satisfaction is also determined from the quality of LPG gas cylinders provided to consumers, stock availability, smooth delivery from the head office to the base and the condition of the base as a factor in the level of consumer satisfaction.