Analisa Sistem Penjualan Online dan Offline Toko Weltu Emas Meubel


  • Gabriella Sumarsono
  • Agianlee Welang
  • Tonny Laloan


Online Marketing Strategy, Offline Marketing Strategy, Consumer Attractiveness


The background of the research in this final project is that the presence of the Weltu Emas Furniture store is a qualitative research using a descriptive approach. Sources of data obtained are primary data and secondary data. Data collection techniques with observation, interviews, and documentation. Data analysis techniques using data reduction, data exposure and drawing conclusions.

The shop implements an online marketing and sales strategy. The implementation of an online marketing strategy is carried out directly by the shop owner himself using social media media, both WA, Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok. This strategy is more effective, has a wider reach so that it can be accessed by customers in various regions. Transactions and payments for online sales are directly carried out on social media which are carried out by transferring to the shop owner according to the agreed nominal and shipping costs.

The offline marketing strategy is carried out directly by the shop owner. What tools or media are used for offline promotion at this store, namely through flyers, banners, banners and also offline marketing strategies have the advantage that customers know the quality of goods before buying. However, in offline sales, it requires more energy and space to display the products sold by the store. The store has been able to provide good service, namely with friendly and warm service, and is able to offer goods if the goods available are not as desired.