Analisa Dampak Pembuangan Sampah Kuliner Terhadap Lingkungan Sekitar di Beberapa Restoran Kota Manado


  • Faldo Tulung University of parna raya
  • Merson Simbolon
  • Eliezer Rongre


Cilanry Waste, Environtment, Bisnis Management


The ability of nature aims to support human life; therefore, the carrying capacity of nature must be maintained so that it can provide support for human life. The state of the natural environment, which includes land, air, and water ecosystems, is one factor that influences natural capabilities.Water ecosystems are the most heavily polluted by waste and garbage.Waste and garbage that are not treated but are disposed of directly into aquatic ecosystems will pollute the natural environment.Public ignorance about the dangers and impacts of waste or garbage that is directly discharged into aquatic ecosystems has a harmful impact on the natural environment. The majority of garbage (waste) disposed of in the waters is food or culinary waste.Based on these facts, the authors conducted a study entitled "Analysis of the Impact of Disposal of Culinary Garbage (Waste) on Environmental Conditions in the City of Manado."This study aims to analyze the culinary waste generated by restaurants or culinary centers in the city of Manado so that it can be filtered and processed properly. In the process of research and analysis, the authors became aware of the huge amount of waste in the city of Manado that causes accumulation in the TPA. In carrying out the process of collecting data and waste samples, surveys and interviews were conducted with several restaurants and cafes. The samples obtained were then collected in tabular form.The results of this study are in the form of table waste data to facilitate waste data analysis. This waste data is useful for culinary actors as information and knowledge material in dealing with environmental pollution and is useful for governments related to the environment to take further steps to address the waste/garbage problem.

Keywords: Impact of Culinary Waste Disposal on the Surrounding Environment in Several Manado City Restaurants