Analisa Pelayanan Bagian Sumber Daya Manusia Terhadap Pembinaan Karier Personel POLRI pada Polres Minahasa Utara


  • Rosdiana Simbolon
  • Pingkan Mueller Universitas Parna Raya
  • Franky Manoppo


Services, Career Development, Human Resource Management


In the modernization era as it is today, qualified and professional human resources are the primary key to the growth and development of an organization. Globalization causes people to be more dynamic, full of challenges and rapidly changing. Therefore, organizations are required to continually develop and need to manage human resources optimally so that they can become assets for the organization.

 Human Resources (HR) is vital in an organization, both in business and government organizations. The quality and capability of human resources also determine an organization's progress. Therefore, the development of human resources in an organization is critical. HR needs to be managed by paying attention to many aspects, including human resources career development. HR management cannot be separated from the services of HR staff and operators. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the quality of services these staff and operators provide.

This research aims to determine the quality of services provided by staff and operators in improving the career development of personnel and the constraints that occurred in the service of promotion proposal of North Minahasa Police personnel. This type of research is a quantitative case study with a sample of 30 (thirty) personnel who have implemented the Promotions Proposal (UKP).

Data were obtained from the sample using a data collection tool in the form of interviews and then analyzed. The data analyzed data were obtained by distributing questionnaires with 10 (ten) questions to 30 respondents. The results of this study are in the form of satisfaction factors, where members/Personnel of the North Minahasa Police are quite satisfied with the services provided by the staff and operators of the Human Resources Section.